Saving the West Podcast

The Wild West, the Golden West, the Great Wide Open—whatever you call it, there's a lot to be grateful for. There's also a lot to lose. This is Saving the West, where urban and rural America sit down and listen to each other. Each week, you'll hear in-depth stories and impassioned debate on everything from land and water rights to government regulation, climate change to pollution controls.

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Episode 2

This Land Isn't Yours

Duration — 29 mins

The U.S. government lays claim to more than 630 million acres of land. For some perspective, that’s more than the combined area of California, Florida, New York state and Texas. Public land is exactly what it sounds like, right? Owned…

Episode 1

The West is Won

Duration — 29 mins

The prevailing narrative is clear: America is divided and it’s only getting worse. But if you look closer, you will find there’s much more that binds us together than tears us apart. Welcome to Saving the West, where urban and…

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