A year ago, 175 countries (including the United States) signed the Paris Climate Agreement. Now, President Trump wants to remove our country from the Agreement, in turn removing our voice and power in shaping the present and future of global environmental goals and policies. These goals and policies are increasingly important as we brace and prepare for the worsening effects of climate change.

Sign this letter to President Trump to let him know that we want to keep our seat at the table and stay in the Paris Climate Agreement.


Dear President Trump,

You have expressed your disapproval of the Paris Climate Agreement, but we are asking you to reconsider. The Agreement gives our country a chance to participate in worldwide discussions about environmental issues, and determine what gets turned into policies.

Even if you don’t agree with the specificities that the Agreement entails, staying in the pact ensures that the United States stays in the global conversation.

Don’t withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement- the future of our country, and the planet, depends on it.


[Your name]