Office of Outdoor Recreation

Hiking, fishing, camping, skiing – these are just some of the ways people across the United States enjoy life in the West. People from all over the country travel and move to the West just to be close to nature and the adventure it has to offer.

“Nearly half of all Americans — 48.4% — participated in at least one outdoor activity in 2014. This equates to 141.4 million participants, who went on a collective 11.8 billion outdoor outings.”

Outdoor Recreation Participation Topline Report 2016

Americans spend a lot of time outdoors and we spend a lot of money doing it, which is one more reason why we need to protect the land and water that make up nature’s playground and make sure we enjoy it in a safe and sustainable way.

In order to do that, some states are beginning to take outdoor recreation more seriously by creating new agencies to protect their natural assets.