As we need to produce more and more crops to feed a growing population, we need to make sure that we’re moving towards practicing sustainable farming. With farmland making up 40% of the land in the United States, there’s not only a responsibility but also an opportunity to make a difference in conservation.

The Environmental Defense Fund outlines some of the reasons why sustainable agriculture is the way to go, including the fact that it’s good for business:

Implementing conservation practices at scale without hurting growers’ productivity requires understanding the challenges of different sectors and bringing together their expertise and investment. It’s a collaborative effort, and we must recognize that we are all working around a common goal: a more sustainable food system.

Consumer desires to know more about how their ingredients are produced drive changes across the food industry. The demand for transparency drives conservation, but can also make good business sense. Ensuring the sustainability of the natural resources that support production can help a food company avoid supply chain disruptions from events such as floods or droughts.

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