Tomorrow marks the beginning of the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany. An adviser to the current administration is set to participate in a pro-coal presentation at the meeting, which will consist of promoting coal as a solution to climate change.

The presentation will also include Peabody Energy, the largest private coal company in the world:

A White House spokesman said in a statement that the discussion aimed to build on the administration’s efforts to promote fossil fuels at the G20 meeting this year.

“It is undeniable that fossil fuels will be used for the foreseeable future, and it is in everyone’s interest that they be efficient and clean,” the spokesman said.

“Fossil fuels having any role in tackling climate change is beyond absurd. It is dangerous,” said Andrew Norton, director of the International Institute for Environment and Development.

“These talks are no place for pushing the fossil fuel agenda. The US needs to come back to the table and help with the rapid cuts in emissions that the situation demands.”

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