When the Blue Cut fire erupted in San Bernardino, California thousands of people were evacuated and more than a hundred homes were destroyed. John Meunsterman, however, returned home to find his house completely intact. He had covered his house and property with a fire-protectant gel beforehand.

KPCC has more information on this fireproof measure:

“It’s incredible how this works,” remarked Meunsterman. “It has a thermal protection. It’s non-toxic, and it’s food grade.”

Barricade’s website boasts it’s the only product of it’s kind to win a “Champion” award from the Environmental Protection Agency. The gel breaks down easily, doesn’t contaminate groundwater and comes off with water and a soft brush.

It’s a good thing Meunsterman thought ahead — when he returned to his house, the surrounding landscape had been devastated. “The entire West Cajon Valley looks like napalm hit it,” he said. Considering Meunsterman served both in the Navy and the Marines, he knows what he’s talking about.

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