At the forefront of wildlife conversations in recent months has been the topic of wolves. A recent vote in the House of Representatives to delist gray wolves from the Endangered  Species Act was incredibly close, passing 196 to 180 (with nearly 60 representatives abstaining from the vote). Then, mere days later, one of the most famous wolves in America, a Yellowstone National Park wolf nicknamed Spitfire, was legally shot and killed outside the park. As such, the topic of wolves and wolf conservation made for a great conversation in our latest podcast episode, “Wolves: Predator or Prey?”.

Wolf management is a polarizing topic. Wolves prey on rancher’s sheep and cattle which is costly and hurts their bottom lines. But some ranchers in Oregon have made unsubstantiated claims to receive government compensation for their losses. Yet author and wolf advocate Brenda Peterson says wolves must be protected at all costs, as a necessary part of a healthy Western landscape–and the Western mind.

In our latest podcast episode you’ll hear more from Brenda, who is author of Wolf Nation, and a new kid’s book, Lobos: A Wolf Family Returns to the Wild, which was long-listed for the Green Earth Book Award. Our other expert is Cole Mannix, who is the Associate Director of the Western Landowner’s Alliance, and works closely with hunters, ranchers and conservationists alike on wolf management. You’ll also hear from Tony Schick, of Oregon Public Broadcasting, who brings us a story from Oregon. Listen to the episode in its entirety below.

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Photos from Robin Lindsey and Annie Marie Musselman, co-author of Wolf Haven and Lobos.

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