We’re kicking off your week with a new podcast episode, and this week, is one of the hottest (literally) environmental topics. That’s right, we’re talking climate change.

The fact is that the world is getting warmer. Just ask NASA, who keeps up with this data, which continues to point to a planet earth that’s getting warmer and warmer. You may have even seen the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report a few weeks ago, which warned of grave danger if the planet warmed even a couple degrees Celsius. But you may be asking, why should we care about one to two degrees? Well let’s put it this way: A couple of degrees was all it took to send the planet into a mini-Ice Age.

Yet this topic of climate change continues to divide, making it a hot button issue in our politics, houses of worship and even our kitchen tables. Meanwhile, extreme weather it seems, is becoming more and more common, and in the unlikeliest of places, such as Arizona, where a recent hurricane caused flooding. So as the Southwest dries out from massive flooding, we hear from ordinary citizens dealing with the fallout–and experts who break down future challenges. Then we talk with two men of faith who read the tea leaves very differently when it comes to weather vs. climate change. Listen to the episode in its entirety below, where we start with reporter Casey Kuhn.


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