As the government shuts down, the federal administration has informed National Park Service officials that they are to keep national parks open even though there will be no rangers or any other visitor services present.

You probably don’t need the former director of the National Park Service to tell you how dangerous it is to be in the wilderness without any personnel present, but here’s what he had to say about it:

Jon Jarvis, the former director of the National Park Service, dubbed it “incredibly idiotic.” The park service is not going to able to live up to its stewardship responsibilities, he told HuffPost on Friday.

“The great thing about national parks is that when visitors come, they have a certain expectation of the experience,” Jarvis said. “That there will be rangers on duty. There will be information at the visitor center. … If they get lost, we’re going to find them. If they get injured, we’re going to rescue them.”

What makes the U.S. park system the best in the world, he said, “is a professional corps of managers in the field that provide for that experience and protect the resource.”

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