Wine drinkers, beware! Climate change, aside from threatening all future existence and the very planet we inhabit, is also affecting your glass of wine. A piece for Forbes lists six ways global warming will change the cost and quality of your vino, some of which you can read below.

These include changes in grape quality:

Grape Yield and Quality. Dr. John P. Holdren, professor of environmental policy and science at Harvard, delineated the factors that impact the yield and quality of wine grapes. Those factors include higher average temperatures, heat waves, droughts, torrential downpours, increased pests and pathogens, and increased carbon dioxide.

Costs and Side Effects of Operations. “Increases in average temperatures will be both a benefit and liability,” Holdren said, depending on the location and circumstances of the vineyards, how they are currently managed, and the actions that growers and wineries proactively take to adjust to changing conditions. “But the increases in temperature extremes will hurt everyone.”

Recovering Carbon Dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a natural by-product of wine fermentation, which wineries can recover and put to use elsewhere. Miguel A. Torres, president of Bodegas Torres, described his team’s experiments with this process, from algae to vegetable fertilizer to cyclic carbonate production.