The small town of Tetonia, Idaho will celebrate their 9th annual Snow Plane Rally this weekend. Not sure what a “snow plane” is? Despite it’s name, the devices never leave the ground, but move over the snow on skis powered by propellers.

Event organizers Jacque Beard and Brent Robson joined Idaho Matters to talk about the history of the event and why it’s important for their town.

According to Robson, “no two are the same” when it comes to snow planes.

“We have some wide open country here and we like to go over snow on a day like today,” he says. “We have a few [traditions] out here in rural Idaho that we like to hang on to and this is one of them.”

Robson’s family created the event with the city to honor his dad, who built snow planes. They were originially designed to help folks get through deep snow before plowed roads were commonplace in rural Idaho.

Beard says the event is an opportunity for the community to celebrate these quirky vehicles. Folks who attend can get a ride with one of the snow plane drivers.



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