Oahu had a sweltering 2019.

In fact, it was the island’s hottest year on record, NOAA has determined.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell made the announcement Wednesday in conjunction with the release of a new “community heat assessment” aimed at identifying the hottest spots in neighborhoods.

“Rising temperatures are no longer a projection for later this decade or later this century, our island is hotter here and now,” Caldwell said.

“The fact that 2019 was the hottest year ever is a crystal clear reminder of the challenges we must overcome, and this community heat assessment provides critical information about how we can protect ourselves.”

Officials noted that hotter temperatures aren’t just uncomfortable, they can prove a public health risk.

“From the emergency management perspective, extreme heat is the deadliest natural hazard in the U.S.,” said city Emergency Management Director Hiro Toiya. “It kills more people in the United States than any other natural hazard.”



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