Grow food AND reverse climate change? Sounds too good to be true.
Regenerative agriculture, known as the practice of growing crops while minimizing soil disturbance, rotating crops and maintaining cover crops all year round, has been proven to pull carbon from the air and store it in the ground. When food is grown in this manner, carbon dioxide is sequestered in the soil, where it should be and not in the atmosphere where it contributes to the greenhouse effect. Why isn’t all farming regenerative? Farmers have a really hard time making money. Unfortunately many have long had to yield to less sustainable practices that rely heavily on single crop farming, over tilling, and heavy use of chemicals and fertilizers. But what if we paid farmers to store carbon in the soil? That would make a big difference. A Yale University article looks at how paying farmers could be a great start to reversing climate change. And it feels like folks are taking notice. Democratic leaders like Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders all pledged to support carbon farming in their recent campaigns.

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