Since Emmanuel Macron was elected president of France, he’s made several statements regarding his commitment to fighting climate change. Now, his environmental minister just announced that the country will prohibit vehicles that run on gas or diesel by the year 2040 in an effort to keep up with Macron’s promise of making France carbon neutral by the middle of the century.

Here’s what the environmental minister said:

Nicolas Hulot made the announcement as he unveiled a series of measures as part of newly elected President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to make the country carbon neutral by 2050. … As part of the plan, poorer households will receive a premium so they can swap their polluting vehicles for clean alternatives.

Speaking at a press conference, Mr Hulot told reporters France would stop using coal to produce electricity by 2022 and that up to €4bn of investments will help to boost energy efficiency.

“We want to demonstrate that fighting against climate change can lead to an improvement of French people’s daily lives,” he said.

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