Whether you follow environmental news or not, you likely know that single-use plastic has been a hot topic in the last year. In fact, as NPR reports, “single-use” was actually named the “2018 Word of the Year” by Collins Dictionary. Many cities, states and even entire countries have banned single-use plastic, such as plastic straws and plastic grocery bags. However, news out of Florida this weeks shows that not everyone is completely on board with banning plastic, or at least banning it in the way that it’s often been done on the government level.

AS CBS4 Miami reports, Florida lawmaker, Rep. Anthony Sabatini, has filed a proposal that would prohibit cities and counties from banning single-use plastic straws. According to Sabatini, that should be left to the business owners themselves. CBS4 continues:

Local governments wouldn’t be able to regulate single-use plastic straws under a measure filed Thursday in the House. The proposal (HB 603) by Rep. Anthony Sabatini, R-Howey-in-the-Hills, says “a municipality, county, or other local governmental entity may not adopt, enforce, or implement any ordinance, rule, or law that would further restrict a food service establishment from distributing single-use plastic straws to customers.”

Sabatini’s proposal is identical to a measure (SB 588) sponsored by Sen. Travis Hutson, R-St. Augustine.

The state preemption of local regulations, if approved by lawmakers during the upcoming legislative session, would take effect July 1. “The decision to use plastic straws should be made by the citizens — not government; the decision to offer plastic straws should be made by the business owners — not the government,” Sabatini said in a prepared statement.

Read the full story on CBS4 Miami.

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