Four additional neighborhoods in Detroit have been announced to be renovated into “20-minute neighborhoods.” Along with this announcement comes a $1.6 million investment. The term “20-minute neighborhood” refers to the notion that residents of these neighborhoods would be able to walk or bike to get what they need within 20 minutes. This involves ensuring that there is efficient use of green space, increasing density, and adding bike lanes.

Curbed discusses exactly how the investment money will be used:

It comes down to investing on planning and design in a few targeted neighborhoods in the city in order to revitalize housing stock, renovate apartment buildings to increase density, make better use of green space, add bike lanes, and increase retail. Overall, these people in these neighborhoods would be able to walk or bike a short distance (20 minutes) in order to get what they need.

Initially, the three neighborhoods that would see this work first would be West Village, Southwest, and Live6/Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald has received a large grant for neighborhood investment since then. While these neighborhoods have all been mentioned in housing revitalization efforts, this new announcement includes additional neighborhoods that will start to see this kind of planning.

Last week, the city approved a $1.6 million investment into four neighborhoods.

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