The value of placing environmental conservation over financial profitability has been a long-standing debate in Washington, D.C. As we come off the heels of the Senate blocking the Green New Deal, a Montana district court quashed a permit for gold exploration in Emigrant Gulch just north of Yellowstone National Park, thus invalidating Canadian mining company Lucky Minerals’ exploration license, establishing that it would violate the public’s environmental and public participation rights.

As reports, the ruling ensures that Lucky Minerals can’t harm clean water and native wildlife at the gateway into Yellowstone National Park. reports:

The ruling blocks exploratory drilling that was slated to begin on July 15, 2019, and is a significant victory in the multi-year effort to protect Yellowstone National Park from new mines surrounding the national park.

The same court previously ruled that the Montana Department of Environmental Quality illegally approved the drilling plan when it failed to consider the plan’s threats to water quality and wildlife.

“Lucky Minerals should have learned by now that our community will not rest until our irreplaceable wild places are safe from industrial gold mining,” said Park County Environmental Council Executive Director Michelle Uberuaga. “We will win because local residents, businesses, and elected officials are united to protect our natural resources and local economy against this threat.”

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