As we’ve reported, recent climate change reports, like the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report last month, aren’t looking any better for the world. And the latest climate change report, a U.S. government study, is even grimmer, warning of a shrinking economy, food shortages and the death of thousands as a result of climate change.

As CNN reports, the federally mandated report was supposed to come out in December. However, the government released the report on Black Friday, and just two days after President Trump tweeted, “Whatever happened to Global Warming?”, as parts of America were experiencing one of the coldest Thanksgiving holidays in a century.

According to CNN, the report comes from the “US Global Change Research Program, a team of 13 federal agencies, the Fourth National Climate Assessment was put together with the help of 1,000 people, including 300 leading scientists, roughly half from outside the government.” As CNN continues:

But the science explained in these and other federal government reports is clear: Climate change is not disproved by the extreme weather of one day or a week; it’s demonstrated by long-term trends. Humans are living with the warmest temperatures in modern history.

This latest climate change report, however, narrows in on the effects of climate change on America specifically. The expense of climate change in America alone could be in the hundreds of billions of dollars annually. CNN shares more:

The report was created to inform policy-makers and makes no specific recommendations on how to remedy the problem. However, it suggests that if the United States immediately reduced its fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions, it could save thousands of lives and generate billions of dollars in benefits for the country.

The Defense Department is trying to understand what risk climate change poses to security. But the Trump administration has signaled that the country will pull out of international initiatives like the Paris climate accord, aimed at lowering global temperatures, claiming that these treaties have been unfair for the US economy.

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