Plastic is quite literally killing the world softly. We’ve recently reported about environmental concerns over plastic pollution, such as the wild animals on a remote Chile island that were found to have plastic pollution in their stools. And this week, the news isn’t getting better. TIME reported this week that a beloved Hong Kong bull, Billy the Bull, was recently found dead with a stomach full of enough plastic pollution to fill two garbage bins. That’s right, two full garbage bins full of plastic found inside of an animal.

According to TIME, Billy the Bull was the beloved bull, and mascot, of Pui O beach on Hong Kong’s Lantau Island. TIME shares more:

Billy had become something of a local icon for local residents and tourists after joining a herd of local wild buffalo, and was often seen cavorting in the sea and accepting gifts of food, according to the Post. Lantau Buffalo Association chair Ho Loy told the Post that residents were “greatly saddened” by news of Billy’s death. He “helped change the way people thought about cattle” with “his friendly demeanour,” she added.

But that popularity may have contributed to his demise. According to the AFCD, Billy’s stomach and intestinal tract were packed with enough plastic bags to fill two garbage bins. Beachgoers offering Billy snacks and campsite detritus had caused the habituated heifer to “correlate plastic bags with food,” the Department said.

You can read the full story on TIME.

Meanwhile, read more of the latest major environmental news below.

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