We already know that we should try to use public transportation as much as possible, as well as recycle whatever we can, to decrease our carbon footprints. But there are plenty of other things we can all do or support in order to combat climate change.

Here are a few pointers from a list by National Geographic of 100 practical ways to address global warming:

Nuclear energy is a controversial choice as a solution to climate change. But China is showing a new way forward—ironically, with a technology developed, then shelved, by the U.S.

Architecture is increasingly playing a role in combatting global warming. … Cool roofs are roofs that either reflect the heat back, in the sense of white roofs, or green roofs that have foliage and perennial plants. Each provides a different mechanism to cool the building underneath. White roofs are particularly suitable for tropical areas or areas where there’s high radiation.

In Denmark, 18 percent of local trips are done by bicycle. In the Netherlands, it is 27 percent. But in the U.S., the figure is just 1 percent. How can Americans be persuaded to swap four wheels for two? And what effect would that have on global warming?

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